Company Profile

Mitsutech International Corporation founded in 1989 has grown annual sales more than US$50 million, and established an affiliated USA company in 1993. Mitsutech,the leading brand of marketing and application development in LCD Solutions supports spherical/ flat glass touchscreen kit, color touchscreen monitor, LCD module, open-frame LCD display kit, LCD touchscreen monitor, and touch screen panel integrated PLC operator interface. Specializing in the POS, ATM, POP displays, kiosk,multimedia and industrial process control system, and medical instrument.

Mitsutech provides the most complete and reliable solutions to the Plug-and-Touch requirements of his clients .LCD range from 4" to 18" advanced color TFT, up to XGA SVGA SXVGA resolution. The integrated solutions receive wide acclaim from the World's most authoritative sources and are successfully fielded from other suppliers. With capital US$1.1 million, annual revenues have grown by leaps and bounds, averaging 50 percent in the early years to 20 percent in the later years. Major markets have been, as a measure of the corporate performance, across Americas, Europe, Asia, and the rest of the world. Mitsutech's experienced engineers commit a strong technical backup service at any time and continually release solutions that embrace new technologies. Mitsutech has become one of the few companies to provide complete and reliable Touch Solutions as well as clients's recognition and acceptance in the most economical and dependable way of touch technologies.



Mitsutech International Corporation was established in Taipei, Taiwan ROC.  
Mitsutech was appointed as a sole agent for SHARP IC's opto-electronic components,semiconductors in  Taiwan.  


USA Branch was formed in CA,USA in charge of American business, assembly, and  technical support.
Cooperate with " COSEL" to distribute small wattage switching power supplies in Taiwan.
Devote the touchscreen solutions and define touch panel OEM chipest.



Distribute SHARP monochrome,color DSTN,TFT LCD modules.  
Define the flat panel/CRT display control board & LCD CCFT backlight driver to SHARP various LCD  modules for industrial applications.



Market LCD touchscreen solution international market.  
Develop the 9.4" PLC operator interface with flat type analog touch panel and support protective IP65 front pane,and reliable COSEL switching power supply into the design.
Sub-contract the PCB design.  
Co-design 5.2" LCD module and flat type analog touchscreen for Hong Kong PDA project.



Upgrade the glass materials of touch panel to chemical strength and redefine the film-film glass to film glass to
increase the ligh transmission of touchscreen.
Support European B .B. L. Bank in upgrading desktop display system with 3000 LCD monitors,and developing the central control system software that works automatically to save the power consumption.
Integrate CCD camera and microphone inside with LCD monitors.  
Design large size(15") video input LCD display devices.



Release panel mount LCD monitor



Offer high brightness LCD monitor up to 1350 nit on the market



Forms Brance Office in Shenzhen, China



Lauches Standard 19" Rackmount LCD Monitors



Introduces Anti-static Panel Mount LCD Montiors for Clean Room Application



Froms Branch Office in Suzhou, China



Supplied Touch Screen Monitors to Medical Application



Release Rackmount and Desktop CCTV LCD montior



Lanches 6.4" Hight Brightness LCD ( 1200 nits)

2006 announce First HD/SDI LCD monitor